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What additional services does Prime provide outside of the classroom?

Prime is unique from many other immersion programs in that we focus on holistic learning. Our student life team works with students throughout the program to build skills and professional competencies that set our students apart with employers.

What are some of the things we do to get you ready to be a Software Engineer? We work with you on professional interviewing, provide you with mentors in the tech industry, give you individual coaching, help students with public speaking practice, hold sessions on diversity & inclusion in tech, bring in industry guest speakers, etc.

Prime also offers a robust career prep curriculum which is integrated throughout the program. Students are coached on resume and cover letter writing, given resources for the job search, and provided multiple opportunities to network with potential employers. Additionally, each cohort participates in Career Day, in which students have multiple conversations with companies that are looking to meet Prime students, build out a talent pipeline, or have an open position now (or soon to be) that they are needing to fill. 

Once you're a Primer, you're a Primer for life - or at least as long as you want to be! Students have access to these resources and the student life team throughout the program, and continuing throughout their job hunt - and beyond.