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What additional services does Prime provide to students and alumni?

How do we prepare our students for a career? 

Prime is unique from many other immersion programs in that we focus on holistic learning and practice.

Our student life team works with students throughout the program to build skills and professional competencies that set our students apart with employers. We focus on learning and practice with these new industry-relevant skills and encourage students to continue to practice throughout their cohort experience. By the time they leave Prime, students have a demonstrated understanding and experience leveraging their learnings from the session topics. 
Sample of topics explored:

  • Empathetic listening and leadership
  • Creating inclusive teams and workplaces
  • Learning about your strengths and problem-solving approaches
  • Practice public speaking in a variety of contexts 

Our career team offers a robust career preparation curriculum that is integrated through the program.  Students are coached on resume and cover letter writing, given resources for the job search, and provided multiple opportunities to network with potential employers. Additionally, each cohort participates in Career Day, in which students have multiple conversations with companies that are looking to meet Prime students, build out a talent pipeline, or have an open position now (or soon to be) that they are needing to fill. 

Sample of topics explored:

  • Working with recruiters 
  • Writing your resume and cover letter
  • Managing an online presence through Linkedin
  • Negotiating your offer and salary expectations 


What does this look like as a student?

In addition to our classroom topics, both teams offer 1:1 support throughout the program. With our teams, students receive individualized support to help them navigate Prime. We believe in leveraging expertise from practitioners, Prime will provide you with mentors in the tech industry, and bring in weekly guest speakers.


What does this look like as an alum?

Once you're a Primer, you're a Primer for life - or at least as long as you want to be! Students have access to these resources throughout the program, and continuing throughout their job hunt - and beyond. 

We know how challenging it is to leave Prime and continue your job search, that is why we stay with you until your first placement! Prime hosts weekly sessions for our job seekers and actively supports them until they receive that first offer!