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  2. Academic and Career support

What academic support services does Prime provide to students?

We provide professional and career skills training to support you in navigating your Prime experience and prepare you for your career.

How do we train students on non-technical skills and support students through their learning experience? 

Prime is unique from many other immersion programs in that we focus on holistic learning and practice.

Our student life team works with students throughout the program to build skills and professional competencies that set our students apart with employers. We focus on learning and practice with these new industry-relevant skills and encourage students to continue to practice throughout their cohort experience. By the time they leave Prime, students have a demonstrated understanding and experience leveraging their learnings from the session topics. 
Sample of topics explored:

  • Empathetic listening and leadership
  • Creating inclusive teams and workplaces
  • Learning about your strengths and problem-solving approaches
  • Practice public speaking in a variety of contexts