What programs do you offer? Which one is right for me?

Prime offers two programs, which is right for you?

Prime has two programs: Full Stack Engineering User Experience Design


Create tomorrow with User Experience Design

User experience designers (UXers) are intimately focused on understanding the users of the things they design, which includes web applications, products and services. UXers need to know how to find what affects users and propose solutions that advocate for user needs within a business environment. 

A good career fit if you:

  • Have given consideration to how things look as well as how they work
  • Enjoy watching how people interact with their environment and other people
  • Delight in understanding why something was made the way it was and how it could be made better

What are the program options? 

The UX program is currently only offered in person. We do not have plans to have a fully remote cohort. 

  • 14-week program - full time, in-person learning, Minneapolis campus
  • 12-week program - full time, in-person, Greater Minneapolis- St. Paul area *this program is specific for Minneapolis and St. Paul adults (18-24) - more information here.


Code tomorrow with Full Stack Engineering

Full Stack Engineers work both the front-end and back-end portions of a web application. Front-ed is what the users see and interact with, while back-end handles the server-side logic, database interactions, and user authentication. Full stack engineers understand how to connect the front-end and back-end into a web or mobile application that supports complex data-driven tasks in many in-demand industries. 

A good career fit if you:

  • Have patience and enjoy troubleshooting a problem until it's fixed
  • Enjoy solving puzzles and understanding how you arrived at a functional solution
  • Delight in building a product and witnessing its launch to the public

What are the program options? 

The Full Stack program is currently offered in-person and online. 

  • 20-week program - full time, in-person learning, Minneapolis campus
  • 28-week program - part-time, online - more information here.

How do I know which program is right for me? 

If you aren’t sure which one you are interested in, feel free to reach out to our admissions team to schedule a program exploration call.